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Social Media Post Design

About this service

The way you post, the colors you use, the mood in your words, the vocabulary, the images, the hashtags, everything says a lot about your brand. They should be coherent but also dazzling and engaging.

Changing fonts and colors every single time leads to confusion and portrays little professionalism. The key, is to innovate within certain parameters you define for your brand so that even though your content is fresh and new, there is a brand recognition throughout all your social networks and your posts.

It is important to keep in mind the right image sizes, the size of the content as it will be mostly seen from a small screen on a smartphone, it should not overwhelm yet capture attention.

The great news is you can make this as personalized as you want or you can almost automate it and get it right! If you oot for the second option, you can always get a media kit designed and once you have it you just edit the text every time and choose a different layout while keeping your brand's feeling all around.

In Design Hacks we love to adapt and adjust to what you need. Whether it's a one-time very special post, a media kit design or a recurring assistance with content creation and a full-on co-creative experience. We're can't wait to get started. Just get in touch.

Basic ($10)

- Photos & Graphics
- Editable template so you can change text and Re-Use
- 2 Revisions

Standard ($20)

- Animated/Video post
- 4 Revisions

Premium ($80)

- 10 post bundle
- 2 Animated, 8 static

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