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Why Design Hacks

You have an amazing idea, a brilliant brand, a project that you’ve worked very hard on, but you don’t know how to make it look professional and beautify it to give it the best shot? Perhaps you don't know where to get started when it comes to getting a project done?


Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Valentina Garay, founder, and head designer at Design Hacks, where we help entrepreneurs discover new horizons in the digital world for their projects so they can align with the market requirements and be at the top of the game. We let you focus on what you do best and outsource the de-cluttering, and design to us.


We guide, and assess you, while co-creating with you masterpieces so that your projects look their best. Your personal touch and taste are always at the core of our work. And the best? It’s at the reach of your fingertips: through WhatsApp, Telegram, or via a cup of tea over a Zoom video call, we brief and deliver what you need, creating a seamless and easy experience for you, so you can give all your energy to your project.


What we do is share the best know-how available to us to help you optimize your time and align your brand on consistency, periodicity, and professionalism. If you’re looking for ways to improve your brand or projects, we wait for you with our arms open.

Let's Design Hack together and make it all simpler!

Designer's Desk


Founded in 2019, Design Hacks has been co-created, and constantly improved by the requests and needs of our clients, we have grown to develop online procedures to facilitate and optimize the digital experience for our clients making it as easy, reachable, and accessible as possible.

What we do is as dynamic and ever-changing as our world, we investigate, we adapt, and we grow stronger. Here are some of the things we've done to help our clients and partners de-clutter, simplify and beautify their projects.

Our Values.png


Simplify | De-Clutter | Beautify | Increase Productivity

Be Conscious | Spread Love


Design Hacks is the most practical option for your digital needs, everywhere in the world, completely online, and fair.

We help beautify and simplify the world while constantly finding better ways of doing things so that your ideas can get their best shot through fun, fast and practical soluctions.

Image by Fakurian Arts

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Our Youtube Channel

Design Hacks - Elevator Pitch (Bloopers Inside🤪)

Design Hacks - Elevator Pitch (Bloopers Inside🤪)

There's no better way to learn and test out the best practices for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and SMEs than doing it. As we tick one more step off the roadmap I'd like to introduce the Design Hacks Elevator Pitch. You'll notice I left the bloopers on the video because that's what starting is all about, trials, errors, laughing, and improving, but most importantly, just getting out there. Special thanks to coaches Lina Bravo who through guidance on assertive communication and coaching inspired me to start this project, and Brenda Warren who shared and guided me while working on this through "The Assembly", any entrepreneur would benefit from the bootcamp Brenda offers. Thanks to the Assembly Group and its wonderful people for the constant encouragement, uplifting, and feedback, I seriously believe every entrepreneur needs a cluster of support, and the Assembly is that for me. Brenda's Channel: Lina's Website: The Assembly: (Beautiful projects on lifelong improving) - Brenda Warren - - (The Soulutionist) - Rumiko Hachisu - (Financial, Business, Cultural, Expat consulting) - Denise Faith - - (Healing) - Anurag Vats - Ana Velingard - (Autonomy and Creation Coaching) - Jim Hendrix - (Loving Your Brain) - Marcelo Cortes Fernandes - Jo'ell Stafford - (Blowing air under each other's wings) - Millie Chiu - Dan Saor Give your ideas their best shot! Website Design Hacks Behance Portfolio WhatsApp Medium Blog Telegram Shop - Technicolor by Design Hacks Dribbble Portfolio Spotify Playlist - Design Hacks Creativity Flow Twitter UpWork Fiverr Instagram LinkedIn Pexels - Free Pictures Facebook Pinterest #DesignHacks #BeautifyYourProjects #GraphicDesign
Brenda Warren Interviews Valentina Garay Founder of Design Hacks

Brenda Warren Interviews Valentina Garay Founder of Design Hacks

Interview by Brenda Warren - The Soulutionist to Valentina Garay, founder of Design Hacks about her role on Startup Delivery, a temporary project that was based on co-creation with team members across the world. Credits: - Brenda Warren "The Soulutionist": - Startup Delivery (now CoCreation Station): 📘 Get Soul Searching by Brenda Warren on Amazon: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with Design Hacks 🖌 Website: Behance Portfolio WhatsApp Medium Blog Telegram Instagram LinkedIn Shop - Technicolor by Design Hacks Dribbble Portfolio Spotify Playlist - Design Hacks Creativity Flow Twitter UpWork Fiverr Pexels - Free Pictures Facebook Pinterest

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