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You have an amazing idea, a brilliant brand, a project that you’ve worked very hard on, but you don’t know how to make it look professional and beautify it to give it the best shot? Have you considered hiring a graphic design agency, but you’re afraid of the fees, the timelines, and the complex procedures?


Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Valentina Garay, founder, and head designer at Design Hacks, where we help entrepreneurs give shape, color, and image to all of their projects so they can align with the market requirements and be at the top of the game. We let you focus on what you do best and outsource the branding and design to us.


We guide, and assess you, while co-creating with you masterpieces so that your projects look their best. Your personal touch and taste are always at the core of our designs. And the best? It’s at the reach of your fingertips: through WhatsApp, Telegram, or via a cup of tea over a Zoom video call, we brief and deliver what you need, creating a seamless and easy experience for you, so you can give all your energy to your project.


Additionally, we ensure that we share with you the best of our knowledge so you prepare yourself adequately according to the formats that are standardized in the industry. Our seal of quality? We ensure your product is delivered meeting the industry standards and advise you on best practices and complimentary items that you might need in the future. Through consulting, co-creating, and delivering, we ensure your brand shines from day 1.


What we do is share the best know-how available to us to help entrepreneurs optimize their marketing budget and align their brands on consistency, periodicity, and professionalism. If you’re looking for ways to improve your brand or projects, we wait for you with our arms open.

Let's hack graphic design together and make it simple and accessible!

Designer's Desk


Founded in 2019, Design Hacks has been co-created, and constantly improved by our clients' and community’s feedback, we have grown to develop online procedures to facilitate and optimize the digital experience for our clients making it as easy, reachable, and accessible as possible. We want to bring the design world a bit closer to our everyday life and to anyone who needs it, by simplifying the process, and making it easy to beautify anything!

Whether you´re looking to enhance a presentation, improve your social media image, refine an idea or simply get a sneak peek into the graphic design world, we're here to help. Let's make history together!

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Co-create with brands a beautified world through simple and fair graphic design process for solo-preneurs, startups and entrepreneurs.


Design Hacks is the most practical option for your graphic needs, everywhere in the world, completely online, and fair.

We beautify the world while boosting opportunities for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and SMEs so that their ideas can get their best shot through fun, fast and practical graphic design.

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