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Photography Editing

About this service

Photography editing can make any event or memory look and feel more vibrant and fun. It can help you bring out what you wanted to portray when you saw a scene with your human eyes, or reimagine a situation by improving factors such as the weather or removing imperfections.

Through retouching, we will take care of all your editing needs in a quick and efficient way, all the edits will be based on your preference, to keep the photography within your artistic touch. Don't worry about skin conditions, bad weather, a shirt stain, or those small details that are temporary, re-touching is a time machine that brings the perfect moment together with the perfect time and highlights everything so it's seen with the beauty of the beholder's eyes.

Whether you want to make a simple, small correction, you need our help to look more professional on social media and website, or you're a photographer on a deadline, our professional photo editing service will tailor to your needs. We're happy to help you highlight the idea on your mind to bring it out in your artworks.

Photography editing is never a one-size-fits-all service. Depending on the purpose, the use, and your taste the needs and actions will be different. This is why you are at the core of every change.

Just let us know what you need, anything from color correction, cropping, resizing and aligning, to retouching and reimagining.

Basic ($16)

- RAW format support
- Crop/Straightening
- Adjust out of place hairs
- Basic skin beautification (blemish correction)
- Teeth and eyes whitening
- Complete adjustment of exposure
- Dodging & Burning
- Temperature (White Balance adjustment)
- Vibrance/Clarity/Saturation/Curves adjustment
- 3 Revisions

Standard ($30)

All edits included with the Basic Edit

- Advanced Skin retouching
- Age defying beautification (take off 10 years ect)
- Facial feature edits (change size of eyes, lips, nose or forehead. Shape Jawline)
- Body shaping
- Removal of braces, reduction of eyeglass glare
- Swap subject's heads using another image (fix closed eyes by replacing them with another image)
- Red eye removal
- Background Adjustment (Solid color replacement, extending background)
- Hot spots/Moderate Lens Flare Effects
- Spot Coloring (a single colored object surrounded by B&W
- Clothing color change
- Background replacement or removal
- Product editing for shop
- Add or Clone out people
- Remove elements from the photo (buildings, cars, wires, etc.)
- Merge Photos
- 5 Revisions

Premium ($80) 5-photo bundle

- Highly-complex photo manipulation for one photo or standard editing for three photo, or Basic editing for 5 photos.
- Up to 10 Revisions

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