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Partnered Brands

This page is a shout-out to brands that we've worked with and whose values align with ours. Brands that are committed to Lifelong Learning and changing the world.

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Throughout school, I always thought something was missing. ​It turns out that the education system is mostly based on the beginning of the industrial revolution and has become too slow to adapt to today's exponential growth and development.

The education system has lost its original purpose, its WHY.

So I made it my purpose to fix that.

  • What if the education system was like a game?

  • What if every student could literally level up?

  • What if students were eager to discover more?

Holistic gamified education has become my vision for the future. My mission is to create a system for every student, so everyone can level up and choose their unique playstyle for this game called "Life." - Lukas Schmidt

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Ana is a mindset coach, she empowers people who are stuck in life to pursue their goals with determination by creating an unshakable mindset and self belief so they can become happier, healthier, or wealthier. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and education, a mediation certification, and worked with people in various ages. Her mission is to provide the tools and support people need to pursue their dreams.

Autonomy and Creation aims to help people overcome their limiting beliefs so they can share their gifts and achieve their dreams.

We focus on replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones because we believe mindset is at the core of everything. - Ana Velingard

What goals can you reach by working with us?

  • Improve your confidence and self-belief

  • Create healthier habits and relationships

  • Execute your ideas and motivate yourself

Ana Velingard
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Denise Faith Healer Logo.png

DeniseFaith is a dynamic healer with over 30 years of experience in a myriad of healing modalities. Her work is strongly focused on the mind-body connection. She teaches about the profound connection between our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes, and the positive or negative effects on our biology. DeniseFaith works with all the senses in a blend of traditional and metaphysical methods. These, combined with her own intuitive gifts, allow her to facilitate the incredible transformation and guide you to awaken your own inner healer.


Brenda Warren is The Soulutionist. She is a mother, a retired United States Marine Gunnery Sergeant, former hospital Environmental Services Director, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Podcast Host, Television Personality, and Pattern for Living Coach. Brenda believes, "Life is choice-driven; the choices you make today will be the reality you live tomorrow." She inspires people worldwide to live their best lives, helping them see the value in making sound decisions that serve their vision for a healthy and productive life.

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Jim is an Amen Clinics Inc, Certified Brain Health Professional, whose current mission in life is to empower parents to give their children every chance to flourish throughout their lifetime, optimize their brain, and correct problems, some before they start.  His passion comes from a long-term battle with depression from childhood that was started in large part after two brain injuries.

Jim was a psychotherapist for 11 years in private practice, and a brain science and brain health geek for over 25 years.  Jim has followed the work of Dr. Daniel G. Amen for over 25 years and uses the Amen Clinics methods in his own practice.

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